Alternatives for the Fearful Dental Patient

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Are you afraid of the dentist? Do you get a feeling of helplessness when sitting in the dentist chair with the lights shining in your face and your mouth open? Dental anxiety and dental phobia are real. The effects can range from feeling mildly nervous about dental visits to getting sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat and fearing the dental visit itself.

Sometimes dental anxiety can be so severe that it prevents people from seeing a dentist for years. This can cause severe problems that turn into more costly and more extensive procedures. The important thing to remember is that if you have dental anxiety (or dental phobia), you have options. Dental treatments like sedation dentistry help make patients with dental fear feel comfortable and relaxed.

Is dental anxiety common?

Yes! Approximately 25% of Americans suffer from some form of dental fear or dental phobia. Dental anxiety is common in, not only adults, but children too.

Should you voice your anxiety to your dentist?

Yes! First, it's important to distinguish between dental anxiety and dental phobia. Anxiety describes a general uneasiness and phobia describes an intense fear or dread. With that said, you need to communicate your anxiety or phobia to your dentist. Dentists deal with fearful patients every day and they will consult you on different ways to combat your fear. Communicating with your dentist will lead to trusting your dentist which will lead to a more comfortable visit.

Treatments for dental anxiety and fear

Nitrous Oxide or (laughing gas) is known to relax patients which leads to a more comfortable dental visit. In some patients, the adrenaline in your body fights the novacaine and doesn’t allow it to take full effect. If you've been putting off dental work for years out of fear of pain or anxiety, you may need a specially trained and certified sedation dentist. Simple, safe, trusted sedation dentistry involves taking a small pill before you go to the dentist. You will stay awake throughout but have no memory of the dental work performed. You will also be able to have longer, more complex and multiple dental procedures done without the usual discomfort. Imagine simply taking a pill and having a comfortable, positive dental experience with years worth of dental work done in one or two visits.

Leaving the dentist as a new person

One-pill sedation dentistry is a safe and effective alternative for 90% of all dental patients. Make sure you find a dentist that is trained in sedation dentistry. You may enjoy the most soothing, comfortable dental experience of your life in the process. Ask your local dentist about sedation dentistry and find out more information. The more you communicate with your dentist, the better visit your will have.

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