Patient Survey | River Valley Dental Care

1. Whenever I phone the dentist (River Valley Dental), I receive prompt courteous attention?

2. Whenever I have had the need to call during after hours or weekends I have had a response from either staff or Dr. Spraggins?

3. In the case of an emergency have you been scheduled or asked to come right in?

4. Staff is courteous and shows a deep concern for my dental needs?

5. Dr. Spraggins and staff help control my fears about dental treatment?

6. Dr. Spraggins and staff attempt to listen to my concerns and dental questions?

7. Dr. Spraggins and staff attempt to educate me on my dental related issues?

8. Do you feel you are informed of what is planned for you prior to your dental appointment?

9. Are you made aware of your financial obligation regarding your dental treatment?

10. Are you made aware of various options regarding payment of dental treatment?

11. Is the facility user friendly with parking and accessibility for handicapped?

12. Does River Valley Dental utilize your insurance as much as possible?

13. Does River Valley Dental keep you informed of when your appointment is?

14. When you arrive for your dental appointment are you brought into the treatment area promptly?

15. When you are completed with dental treatment are you escorted up front and scheduled for your next appointment?

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